Marco A. Pelosi, III, MD, cosmetic gynecologist and cofounder of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology (ISCG), demonstrates the results of scarless breast augmentation. Cosmetic breast augmentation with the endoscopic axillary method with breast implants placed under the chest muscles (subpectoral, dual-plane, biplanar) leaves no scars on the breast. The axillary approach gives the best cleavage contours of all breast augmentation techniques.

A special surgical telescope called an endoscope (or laparoscope) and long slender specialized surgical tools allow the procedure to be conducted through tiny incisions deep within the armpit. The telescope is connected to a video monitor and provides magnification and illumination of nerves, tiny blood vessels and other critical structures of the surgical field. Implants of any size can be placed with this procedure. The result is a high-tech approach with enhanced precision, better contours, less tissue trauma and a faster, milder recovery. Most patients are able to drive a car comfortably and return to work in 48 hours.

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